Tool Kit for Wheel Class


Pottery Tool Kit

Pottery Tool Kit for the Wheel


Contains everything needed to get you started on your pottery journey:

From top to bottom:

  • Cut Off Wire – cut slabs clay off the block, remove pot from bat or wheel head.
  • Synthetic Sponge – for smoothing surfaces and rims and removing water from thrown pieces.
  • Wooden Rib – assists in throwing cylinders, smoothing walls and shaping pots.
  • Pearcore Trimming Tool – makes quick work of trimming pot foot and exterior clean up.
  • Wood Modeling Tool – for trimming, sculpting and more.
  • Double Ended Ribbon Tool – for finer trimming on pot foot and rim.
  • Needle Tool – (some call it a pin tool) for testing thickness of bottoms of pots, cutting off uneven rims, scoring and so much more.
  • Steel Scraper – smooth and burnish surfaces.

See some of these tools at work on our tutorial video.